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Jack and Joe Baker, twin boys, were born into a life of poverty. Growing up in Cleveland’s ghetto, with only their father to rear them, Joe and Jack were very different boys, but visual mirrors of one another. Surface similarities only seem to heighten the divergence of their chosen paths. Joe opted for a life of crime, while Jack entered the mainstream on an academic scholarship to a prestigious prep school and on to Yale University. Then fate deals one a hard hand, a tragedy occurs and their worlds collide in a way that forever changes their paths.

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Author Vernadine Merrick

Verdanine Merrick

Vernadine Merrick is a writer and marketing consultant. Ms. Merrick is currently writing a fiction novel and lives in NORFOLK, FL. She is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. And the Walls Came Tumbling Down... is her first book.

Author’s Notes

Thank you for visiting my website and showing interest in my debut novel, “And the Walls Came Tumbling Down: The Secret Life of Senator Jack.” This is the first of many more novels to come. It was a long journey, but one worth every step of the way. I have a deep interest in politics; I love to be kept at the edge of my seat; and I’m a romantic at heart. Hence, it was natural that my first novel would be a political, suspense, romantic thriller.


A novel is only as rich and vibrant as those individuals that make up the story! Get to know the main characters that tell the tale of “And the Walls Came Tumbling Down: The Secret Life of Senator Jack”

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Joe Baker

Joe Baker is a tortured spirit, torn between truth and deception, self-awareness and self-deprivation…and many wrong choices...

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Jack Baker

Jack Baker is the mirror image of Joe and can only be described as his brother’s ‘better half.’ He is a person of deep conviction and lucid compassion.

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Suzanne Montgomery

Suzanne Montgomery, glamorous, gorgeous and rich. Her larger-than-life, Hollywood looks, mask the vulnerable woman still desperate for love.

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Nicola Patricks

Nicola Patricks while enormously seductive, her intelligence, decency and achievements are her pride. She is now thrust into a web of lust, love and deceit.

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A Must Read!

Even though I’m of a different culture, I connected to your writing on an emotional level. I shared your book with a friend of mine and she stayed up until 3 A.M. every night until she finished it! This is one of the most powerful books I have ever read. The characters are rich and unforgettable. I will remember them for ages. I was NOT able to put this book down. Trust me. You are the next Grisham or Clancy.

Lisa Shasteen